Dear Little Bookies,

 For so long, you have been looking around for your place. For a nook and corner where you can gather together with fellow bookies and act cool. For a chance to be yourself, flash your inner nerdiness and conquer the highest stack of 1000-page novels that any Tolstoy, Hugo and Bronte can build.

 Well, wait no more! Welcome to this magical place, where letters dance and characters spring to life. Here, you can find anything that your heart desires: simplified books, custom-made glossaries,  easy-to-understand guidelines, games and more. Just draw that curtain, click on that menu, and off you go, on the greatest journey that you will ever experience in your entire life.

  What are you waiting for?

  Of course, this is not going to be a smooth journey. You will not always be gliding along, enjoying yourself. You will meet obstacles, you will face hardships. You will want to give up in rough and tumble times.

  But you are not alone! And this site is there to remind you just that – you, friend, are not alone.

  Even if you do not feel sure about yourself, even if you have no prior experience, classic literature is always open for you to explore. We believe that no one should be fettered by verbosity, by overwhelming grammar, by intricate contextual aphorisms. We believe that every reader deserves a good, digestible, beautiful and enjoyable book.

  So take up your sword now and march forward. Bon voyage! We will always have your back.




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