Stage 1 (Novice): The Prince and The Pauper, chapter 2

Next morning, suddenly all Tom’s family members heard a very loud shout. Tom’s father mumbled(1) sleepily:
“Who are you? Shut up right now!”
“You fool! You hit someone last night and now he is badly injured. The police are on their way. Run now, or you’ll get caught!”
Immediately, Mr.Canty grabbed some important things with him and then told the others to run as fast as they could. Edward didn’t know what was going on. He sleepily tried to do what John Canty said. After a while however, he fell flat(2) on the ground. When he stood up, he could not see John Canty anywhere. So, the boy happily ran as far as he could. He was free!09-106
At that moment, there was a big celebration of the royal family on the street. Tom – the “prince”- was extremely(3)
surprised about this. He looked carefully at every little object because this was the first time he saw them from the golden throne. Meanwhile, Jane and Elizabeth talked together and didn’t even seem to notice the celebration. They were used to these important events. Funnily enough, outside the palace, the real Prince was explaining with the guards that he was Prince Edward of Wales. But the guards took one look at his poor clothes, and decided that he was crazy. Edward was both sad and angry when suddenly he saw a tall, well-dressed, kind-looking man. This man was Miles Hendon. As usual, Edward talked to Miles like a Prince. When the guards wanted to slap Edward, Miles stopped them. He shouted at the guards. This made the guards angry. They took up their swords, and Edward thought there was going to be a fight. Luckily, a voice
shouted: “Make way for the herald(4) of the royal family!” Immediately, the guards walked out of the way. Miles held Edward’s hand and they escaped from the mad crowd. But this meant they were not able to listen to the sad announcement(5) : the King was dead.
At the palace, people all looked at Tom-who was sitting on the throne- and 11-128cheered loudly for the new King. Tom was miserable(6) . He didn’t know what to say or do. He couldn’t be the King of England! He was only a poor pauper!  Where was the real Edward?
Meanwhile, Edward and Miles walked to Miles’s apartment. When they passed a small shop, Edward suddenly heard the big news. The King – dead! The poor boy! Tears ran down his cheeks, and his heart burst into a thousand12-134 pieces. He didn’t want to go anymore, but felt he had to get back to the palace to see his deer father the last time. But fate(7) had it that he must go with
Miles unless he wanted more trouble.
Finally, they arrived at Mile’s house. It was not a big house but it was much better and more comfortable than Tom’s home. There, on a small, fluffy(8) chair, Edward sat down. He was very tired and hungry. He asked Miles for some food because he was very hungry. Right away, Miles gave Edward some bread, a glass of apple juice and a dish of jam. M12-145iles was very kind to the boy. However, he thought this strange boy was not the Prince, but a mad boy abandoned(9) by his family. Yet Edward acted like a royal person.
After his meal, he jumped into Mile’s bed without asking. “The poor boy, he was too tired after a long day. I shall take him to my family house”, thought Miles. For the truth was, this was not Miles’ true home. He had a family house. He left it long ago to go to battle for his country. His family was very rich. His father was a well-known man in town. His mother was dead when Miles was just a small child. Therefore, he didn’t remember much about her. He also had two brothers- Arthur and Hugh. Arthur was a very good man, like their father. But Hugh was not kind at all. He treated everybody badly so no one liked him, except their father. Hugh was also very jealous(10) of Miles. He made up stories about Miles. Their father believed in these stories. He thought Miles was a bad man, so he sent him away to battle. Now, after the fight, Miles wanted to go home. He decided to take Edward with him. The kind man tho13-155ught that maybe his rich father would help the boy.
The next day, Miles went out to find Edward something to eat. He told Edward not to go anywhere. But when Miles got back with the breakfast, the boy was no longer there. Angrily, he asked the servant whether he saw the boy.

“Sir, he had gone off with another boy. This boy said that he was going to take Edward to you.” replied the servant. So someone tricked Edward! Hurriedly, Miles went down the street. He hoped he could follow the boys. But he searched all day in every corner and couldn’t find Edward anywhere! At the end of the day, he went home and thought hard. After all the years away, Miles wanted to return to his family home as quickly as possible. But he liked Edward, and wanted to protect him from harm. Should he leave the boy, or continue his search?

1.mumbled(v-v.bare:mumble): say sth unclearly
2.fell flat: fall on one’s face
3.extremely: very
4.herald: the king’s messenger
5.announcemet(n): a public and formal statement
6.miserable (adj): unhappy, depressed
7.fate(n): the development of events beyond a person’s control, destiny
8.fluffy(adj):soft, cozy
9.abandoned(v-v bare: abandon): left alone
10.jealous (adj): hating others for having what one does not have

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