Stage 1 (novice): The Prince and the Pauper, chapter 3


Our poor Edward! He was in John’s control. The boy who came for him was one of John’s confederates(1). His name was Hugo and he sometimes imagined that John was his father. Between Hugo and John Canty, Edward had no chance of escape. At last, the three reached their destination(2): an old barn on the edge of a small wood. Edward was very scared, yet not a little curious. There were  men sitting around the barn. Edward listened as they plotted(3) to steal something in town the next day. He soon realized that they were Mr.John’s confederates, who together formed an illegal(4) gang(5). They were very poor because King Henry took their farms and didn’t give them jobs to do. Hunger, thirst and poverty forced them to do nasty(6) things.

The men swore a lot, and they hated the King very much. When Edward heard them speak ill of his father, he17-218 became very angry, and told the men that he was the Henry’s son, and now he was the king. Of course no one believed the boy. To tease him, they started dancing wildly around and kissed Edward’s ripped shoes. Edward became extremely angry- he didn’t want to be a clown for these people!
 Morning came at last. The president of the club told Hugo to take Edward away to the streets. The poor boy wondered what he was to do. Would they make him steal or beg?
 In no time, Hugo found his first target and began to beg. Luckily, the man was a compassionate(7) person so he gave Hugo some money. However, Edward shouted that Hugo was a thief. The man was very unhappy and called the police to catch the two boys. Both Hugo and Edward ran ut they turned to different alleys. One more time, Edward was free!
He walked and walked, and finally came to another barn. He stayed there for a day. But unluckily, the next morning, he was found by John Canty’s gang. In the evening, Hugo and Edward went to the streets again. This time, Hugo wanted Edward to be caught by the police so he grabbed a basket of groceries from a lady and threw it at Edward. The woman saw the boy and shouted at him. The villagers gathered, and they chased Edward through the streets. Then, a policeman came and pulled Edward towards the court(8). Luckily, Miles Hendon was there. The judge told Edward and Miles to pay for the groceries or else Edward had to go to prison. So Miles paid, and Edward was, once again, truly free. He gladly went with Miles. The two headed towards Miles’s homeland. They soon reached his family house, Hendon Hall. As Miles pushed the heavy gate of the house, he saw a very familiar figure sitting on the bench. He called out:”Hugh, my dear brother, it is such a pleasure to see you after many years!”. 
  Hugh looked out, and recognized his brother at once. However, he shouted: “Get away, stranger, what are you doing in my house?” He did not want Miles to return, because as the elder of the two, Miles would then own Hendon Hall.
 25-301 Poor Miles! He tried to explain to Hugh that he was his brother but Hugh told him that his brother Miles died years ago on the battlefield. After that, he told Miles that his father and the oldest brother were dead, too. “What about the servants? Please bring them here! They will surely recognize me!”Miles said. But none of the servants knew who Miles was because Hugh had fired all the old servants and replaced them with new ones. Then, a beautiful young lady entered the room. It was Edith, Miles’ cousin and former love.
 “My dear Edith, definitely you know who I am!” he shouted joyfully. But she looked at him coldly, and didn’t say a word!
 “See, madman, my wife has lived here for years, and even she does not know you.”
 25-303The lovely, kind Edith – Hugh’s wife! Miles couldn’t stand this anymore. He swore that he would have justice, and refused to leave the place. He just walked inside and locked himself in a room.
 Later, Edith visited Miles and told him to stay away from Hendon Hall because Hugh was a very powerful man. He could do anything he wanted. Miles refused to leave however, saying he would have justice. He was a very stubborn(9) man.
 Midnight came and unluckily, both Miles and Edward were sent to the local prison. Surprisingly, Miles found that many of 27-318the old servants were also sent to prison by his younger brother. One of them told Miles the whole story. Arthur died six years ago. Then, a letter came saying that Miles was killed in one of the battles. Their father was so disappointed and sick, he died a week after the arrival of the letter. So, Hugh simply became the heir of Hendon Hall and Lady Edith. Miles became very sad after he heard the story. Edward was also sad. He was also worried that if he did not get released, the imposter(10) would be the next King.
 The day Edward and Miles were freed at last was also the day Tom was going to become king. Edward tried to go to the square as fast as he could so he might stop the celebration.
 At the palace, Tom was vey excited. He was really going to be King of England! He calmly walked towards the church and waved at the crowd. Surprisingly, in the crowd  stood his mother. He did not know what to do, so he acted as if he did not know her. Yet the sight of her made Tom feel sad and homesick. Was he really ready to become King? After all, where is Edward, the real prince?
 33-395Suddenly, a voice called out:”Stop the celebration at once because this boy is not the real prince. I am”. The crowd didn’t know who to trust. Finally, Lord Hertfor, the greatest noble, had an idea. He asked Edward whether he knew where the royal seal was. Edward thought hard. He couldn’t remember. After many minutes, he shouted that the seal was on his table. The guards ran to the room and they found it. All England cheered wildly: Long live the true King! Long live King Edward !
When Miles saw Edward, in the King’s clothes, he couldn’t believe his eyes! Edward thanked Miles for his kindness. To repay him, the King sent Hugh to prison, and so Miles became the owner of Hendon Hall. Edith divorced Hugh, and married Miles. They were good and kind nobles, and lived a happy life. Furthermore, King Edward also gave Tom’s family a new home. England was so luckly to have such a kind King like King Edward!
-Confederate(n): friends of evil people who help do evil things
-Destination(n): a place where you decide to arrive
-Barn(n): a place where farmers store wheat or paddy
-Plot(v): plan to do something evil
-Illegal(adj): not right with the law
-Gang(n): a group
-Nasty(adj): dirty
-Compassionate(adj): able to love other people
-Stubborn(adj): firm in one’s opinion, not listening to anyone else
-Imposter(n): a person who pretends he is someone else

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