Stage 1(Novice): Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde (chapter 2)

Chapter 2: Hyde’s disappearance

One night, a little servant was enjoying the silence of the street beneath her windows when she saw two gentlemen walking together. Suddenly, one man began to beat the other with his heavy stick.The beaten man was extremely scared because he was bleeding severely(1).Even the servant could hear the crackling sound of the victim’s joints(2). Promptly(3),she called out for some help but there were no answers. Soon, the local police came but the murderer quickly vanished. An investigation(4) took place. Authorities claimed  that they found only half of the stick with the dead body. There was no doubt that the other piece was carried away by the murderer. The police also found a letter addressed to me so they came directly to my house. I was shocked when I saw the name Hyde in the envelope(5). So I took the police to where I thought Hyde was hiding – his house in a poor part of London. But he was not there.

The next day, I had a meeting with Jekyll in his house . Surprisingly, my friend seemed terribly sick. Also, he talked to me in a bizarre(6) voice. How strange! He also gave me a letter which Hyde had sent him. It said that Hyde was very guilty for all the things he had done and that Jekyll should not worry about his disappearance. Later when I had left Jekyll’s house, I had an appointment with my other friend, a specialist about handwritings. He could guess a person’s personality just by examining his or her handwriting. I let him see the letter from Hyde.He told me this kind of handwriting was a very strange kind. By then my servant brought me Jekyll’s invitation to dinner the next day. My friend borrowed it and he looked at both letters. Finally, he concluded(7) that the handwriting of the two letters were quite similar. I thanked him, and wondered‘Did Jekyll write a letter on his own to help such a man?’.

Time went by, and to my surprise, Jekyll became a very healthy and funny guy. His life was very exciting as he spent time doing good things for other people. But it did not last long, because after two months, Jekyll became sick again. I visited DR.Lanyon and found that he,too, was very pale and thin.He said he had had a terrible shock which he would never forget. He even told me he would die soon. And when I talked to him about our other friend, DR.Jekyll,he refused to listen and he asked me from then on to not talk about Dr.Jekyll with him. His friendship with Jekyll was now over. Then, there was a long pause between us.At the end of our meeting, Lanyon gave me a letter written by himself and added that once he had died, I would be able to read it. Although I was really curious about that mysterious letter, I kept my promise.

Three weeks passed by…As my dear friend predicted(8), Lanyon died. That night, when I opened the letter, I was quite disappointed. Inside it was another envelope, which said:’Not to be opened until Dr.Jekyll dies or disappears.’ From that time on, I didn’t want to see Jekyll anymore. I didn’t even know why but I thought I was scared of him. Several days later, I went on a walk with my cousin, Enfield. Funnily enough, we also passed by the door of the run down building but this time we had known that it was part of Jekyll’s mansion. When we looked at the house, we could see Jekyll sitting there, looking sad. We talked with him for a while, for it had been a long time since I last saw him. As we stood up to leave, a terror and despair expression passed through Jekyll’s face. It frightened both of us. As soon as we saw it, we ran as fast as we could without a word.

A few days after that, Poole visited me. He looked like he was going to faint! He was too scared to tell me anything . Sensing that something was not right, I promptly made my way to Jekyll’s house with Poole. Slowly, he went up the stairs and asked Jekyll whether he wanted to meet Mr.Utterson. The voice answered him frightened me a lot. It was different from Jekyll’s original(9) voice. “It has changed, hasn’t it?”I asked Poole. Poole replied in a frightened voice that he supposed Jekyll had been killed at least eight days ago and he could not imagine what the creature inside that room was .Then he tried to persuade me that for the last week that thing had been crying day by day for some sort of medicine. I found this strange. After that, Poole and I planned to capture the creature. We needed help from the other servants of the house, too. We broke down the door of Jekyll’s room together.

At once, all of us entered the room, and saw the dead body of Hyde’s. He had committed suicide(10) several minutes ago. He was wearing clothes which were much larger for him. I decided to search for Jekyll or his body, but neither could be found! When we went to Jekyll’s room, Poole and I found some chemical bottles and some bowls of white powder on the table. On another table, I  aw a big envelope with my name on it. Inside, there was a will. It was the one I returned to Jekyll six months ago, and there were also two smaller envelopes. The first note looked like this:

“Dear Utterson, when you find this note, I shall have disappeared. Exactly how I shall disappear, I cannot say.But I feel that the end is near, and soon I will be gone.Go and read the story which Lanyon told me he had given you. And if you want to learn more , then read the confession of your unhappy friend, Henry Jekyll.”

This note included a letter. I told Poole not to call the police until I come back, and then walked home as fast as I could to read the two letters from my friends.



1/severely : (adv) :badly

2/joints(n):a structure in our body at which 2 parts of the skeleton are fitted together

3/Promptly(adv):Immediately, quickly

4/investigation(n): formal examination of a crime

5/envelope(n): a piece of folded paper which contains a letter

6/bizarre(adj): very strange, abnormal

7/conclude(v): arrive at a final judgement

8/predict(v): guess what is going to happen in the future

9/original(adj): first, normal

10/commit suicide (v): kill oneself

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