Stage 1(Novice): Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde (chapter 3)

Chapter 3: Unrevealed stories

Lanyon’s letter

4 days ago, I received a letter from our friend, Henry Jekyll. It said

“Dear Lanyon,

Although we have contradicting (1) thoughts about scientific matters, I think our friendship will never end. Thus, I beg you to help me do two things below, or else, I shall die.

Firstly, even if you have to do anything urgent (2) tonight, please cancel it. Don’t hesitate (3), but go straight to my house. My servant, Poole, will be waiting for you with a locksmith. Please use it as a tool to open my private room. Make sure that there will be only you in it! Once you enter, go to the desk on the left and take out all its contents as well as the fourth drawer from the top (which is also the third drawer from the bottom). After that , I want you to carry all those things back to your house. Remember to go home before midnight .At midnight, stay alone in your own office and let in a man who will  get my things . That’s all  you must do for me tonight, right after you read this letter.

I’m not sure if you will do precisely(4) what I ask but please, one more time, consider carefully. Think of me now, in a strange place that you won’t believe. Help me, Lanyon …”

At first, I thought Jekyll made a drama out of this. But finally, I decided to do as he said: took the things in the desk of his room to my house and waited for a person. At exactly 12 o’clock, I heard a knock at the door and to make sure that Jekyll commanded him to go here, I asked:”Did Jekyll send you here?”.He said yes so I let him in. Beneath the weak light of my room, I couldn’t see him very clearly but I could observe that this man was utterly strange. He was dressed in clothes that were much larger for him and his face was really disgusting and it made me feel very uncomfortable. Then, I gave him all he needed. Right away, he performed an experiment right there, in my room, with the help of his own notebook which had a chemical recipe(5)  in it. After that, he asked me not to tell anyone about the thing that I was about to see. I agreed, so he did it. He raised the glass which held the terrible solution(6). He cried out, made a horrific sound and gradually changed.  I jumped to my feet and also cried out in terror. Standing there was not the man I had talked to several minutes ago but my dear Henry Jekyll, pale and shattering like a man returned from death.

He told me numerous things in the next few hours but I could not hear or believe anything more.

Jekyll’s whole story

~This is Henry Jekyll’s memoir(7)

I’m Jekyll, a man who is deeply interested in science. Once, I came up with an idea that a man’s character is divided into two: the good side and the bad one. Since then, I read several(8) books about this. Finally, I made a recipe for a solution that would split people into two. And it worked. Even now, I still recall(9) how painful drinking the drug was. For a time, I thought I was dead. However, after a while I felt extremely fresh and healthy, as if I had just recovered from a great illness.  I could notice that my body was as energetic as if I was young. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that the chemical solution successfully made me a devil. The next day, I just wanted to throw away Jekyll’s good body completely and replace it with Hyde’s. So I drank the mixture again. This time, although the pain still ran through me, I didn’t panic. To prepare carefully, I rented a room in a quiet inn of a poor part of London. Luckily, the innkeeper was very quiet so I was sure she would not tell anyone about me.  I(in the form of Jekyll) even told my servants( especially Poole) that my best friend-Hyde will have legal rights to enter Jekyll’s house and room freely. Next, I wrote a will to you which said that if anything happened to Jekyll, Hyde could inherit all the asset. After being fully prepared, I started to live a double life.

In the form of Hyde, I could act as I wanted. And when I was fed up with doing evil things, all I needed to do was to drink the mixture and I would become the respectable, innocent Henry Jekyll.

One day, I woke up feeling very strange. I remembered I was in the inn’s room last night but now, I was in Jekyll’s room. I suddenly looked down at my hands. They were hairy and dark, not like Jekyll’s hand. I jumped out of my bed and looked at myself in the mirror. This shocked me for half a minute. I was pretty sure that I had gone to bed as Jekyll and now, I was in Hyde’s body. What was going on? I put on some clothes and hurried downstairs to get some drug. Then, five minutes later, Jekyll’s form was back. I thought hard for a while and finally got the answer. Maybe the dark side had been given too much freedom therefore, it had grown much stronger. If I continued like this, in the near future, I shall stay in Hyde’s shape forever.

The drug I made did not always produce the same effect. I had to take more doses(10). Soon, I supposed I had to choose the form I wanted to be. Jekyll (a combination of both good and bad) could be able to share the adventures of Hyde. But Hyde couldn’t, he just cared for himself. At last, I chose to be Jekyll. But in a moment of weakness, I let Hyde free. Unfortunately, I didn’t know Hyde was dangerous for me at that time. After drinking the solution, Hyde was like a wild animal which had been in a cage for a long time! I beat the poor man as a way to set all my anger free. I just stopped when I was tired and then, I ran as far as I could to my inn. I destroyed all my papers so the police could not find me and then went back to my house, mixed the drug and drank it. I felt so guilty of all the things Hyde had done that I had to pray for Gods to forgive me. By then, I stopped mixing the chemical recipe so my life went back to normal. For two months, I became as hopeful, funny and sociable as before…

One cloudy January day, however, when I was walking in the park, I suddenly smiled at the thought of comparing me with the others, thinking how much more good I did than they. A horrible feeling ran through my body. My limbs became much smaller than usual. On no! I was in Hyde’s form again!I didn’t know what to do. My drug was all inside the desk in the laboratory room and the worst thing was, I had thrown away the key which opened the door. And I thought of Lanyon, my dear Utterson. I planned to write a letter to Lanyon to persuade him to get the drug for me. So,I waited until midnight and left in a cab, heading to Lanyon’s office. Now, I was not scared of being caught by the police, but I was afraid of changing into Hyde’s body. Days after that, I had to drink the drug almost every hour to remain inside Jekyll’s body. Even when I tried to sleep for a while, I would be in Hyde’s shape when I awoke. Apparently, Hyde grew larger and larger every day. Unluckily, my supply of the dose began to run out. Because the main ingredient could not be found, the dose could not be made. So, I know that I would be inside Jekyll’s body for only a short time now. This is the last time Henry Jekyll can think his own thoughts. Half an hour from now, I will become Hyde forever. To avoid this misery, I now bring the life of the unhappy Henry Jekyll to an end.


Henry Jekyll


contradicting (1)( adj) : at odds with each other

urgent (2)(ad) : requiring immediate action

hesitate (3): pause in indecision before saying or doing sth

precisely(4)(adv)in the right way, exactly

recipe(5)(n): a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish/chemical solution

solution(6)(n)a liquid mixture


several(8)(determiner&pronoun): more than 1 but not many


dose(10)(n) : an amount of medicine taken at a particular time

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