Stage 2 (Apprentice): Anna Karenina, chapter 3


One day, when Vronsky came to meet his lover at her house, he was informed by Anna herself that she was pregnant and it was his child. Vronsky turned slightly pale, then he said firmly(1):

“I don’t want to live like this anymore. Ask your husband for a divorce and together, we can start our new lives!”.

Since Anna didn’t want to be away from her dear son, she disagreed with Vronsky by saying that Karenin would never accept his proposal(2) as the divorce would disgrace(3) The Karenins. But Vronsky was still very determined and finally, he came up with a solution. If  Karenin wouldn’t come to terms with the divorce, they would leave Russia. Loving Vronsky and knowing that she was having his child, Anna had no choice but to do what Vronsky had said.

bee28cd0349efad17b73d8d20c94e35c.jpgAnd she told her husband that she was in love with Count Vronsky. This shocked Karenin for a while. Although he had heard rumours of their love, he didn’t expect Anna to give a direct announcement like this. For the first time, he had to confront(4) the problem. He then sent his wife to their summer house outside Moscow as he wanted some time to think about the divorce. Anna was right: he disapproved of it . After that, he wrote to Anna a letter. Basically(5), he said that he wanted Anna to forget everything she had done and that their family life must continue like before. At the end of the letter, Karenin commanded Anna to return to their house at St.Petersburg . Karenin believed that he should not leave his guilty wife but he should give her another hand(6) to fix all problems she had brought about(7).

As for Anna, she got home promptly after reading the letter. She didn’t know what to do in such a situation. She began to think of herself as miserable(8) as she was before she met Vronsky. But she decided to meet Vronsky frequently(9) outside the house. Karenin soon discovered this and he told Anna that the house did not welcome her lover. One day, Vronsky got a note written by Anna. It said that she was quite sick so she couldn’t leave the house to meet him. She said that he could come to her house before ten as her husband would be tied up(10) until then.

Vronsky felt a bit sleepy so he decided to take a nap before making his way to Anna’s house. In his dream, he saw a filthy(11) old peasant bending over and muttering in French. This made Vronsky feel terrified. Fortunately, he soon woke up and thought that he was too silly. Realizing that it was already 8 o’clock, he hurriedly got his coat then went straight to Anna’s house.

Hardly had the servant opened the door when Vronsky saw Karenin. Karenin gave him a look of disapproval and
7cbbf70461cb simply walked outside, pretending as though Vronsky was invisible. Vronsky went inside, catching Anna’s eyes right in the hall. “What’s on earth was your husband doing at home? He was supposed to be busy at work like you said in the letter!” Vronsky exclaimed, he didn’t expect to see Karenin at all. “I’m sorry. He came back for some documents” Anna answered in a low voice. Vronsky then asked Anna about her illness and her reply was so staggering(12) that Vronsky barely(13)  believed what he had heard:

”We shall be at peace, my dear love. I will die when I give birth to(14) our child.My death will surely put an end to everything.”

“But how do you know that you’ll die?”

“I had a very strange nightmare(15)  last night. It makes me feel fearful whenever I recall it. I remember dreaming about an old filthy peasant. He was bending over and talking to himself in French. My, my! I can’t help thinking about that scary dream ever since I woke up!”

Vronsky, too, in a matter of seconds, felt extremely terrified. However, he soon forgot that feeling and said:

“That’s nothing to be afraid of. Get it out of your head!”.

The next morning, Karenin went to Anna’s bed.

He said :

”I asked you nothing but to keep your “secret” lover outside our house. Sadly, you didn’t listen to my words. Therefore, I will divorce you and take our son away from you. I have made up my mind that it is better for him to go and live at my sister’s house.”

“Please, don’t take Serozha away from his poor mother. Oh, please…”cried Anna .

But Karenin didn’t answer. He went to his room to prepare for his business in Moscow for three days. In Moscow, Karenin happened to see Stiva-his wife’s brother. He asked him to go to the family’s party the following night and Karenin told him about the divorce. Stiva seemed to be shocked despite the truth that he had heard the gossips.

“I know that there must be some misunderstanding here. My sister Anna is a wonderful woman!” exclaimed Stiva.

“Well,I wish there were!” replied Karenin.



1.Firmly(adv): Determinedly

2.proposal(n): the act of offering or suggesting something for acceptance, adoption, or performance

3.disgrace(v,n): (cause) the loss of respect, honor, or esteem/shame



6.Give sb another hand(idm): Give sb another chance

7.Bring about(Bring-Brought-Brought) (ph.v):Cause

8.Miserable(adj): wretchedly unhappy, uneasy, or uncomfortable


10.Be tied up(ph.v): Be busy


12.Staggering(adj): Supprising

13.Barely(adv):  Hardly

14.Give birth to sb(Give-Gave-Given) (exp): sb is borned

15.Nightmare(n): Bad dream


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    > novelalolic posted: “CHAPTER 3: CONSEQUENCES One day, when Vronsky came to > meet his lover at her house, he was informed by Anna herself that she was > pregnant and it was his child. Vronsky turned slightly pale, then he said > firmly(1): “I don’t want to live like this anymore.” >


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