Who are we?



MAI N HOANG, Phillips Exeter Academy’20, Tran Dai Nghia highschool for the gifted’16, is the founder, editor and writer of Little Bookies. Having spent years as an avid reader of classic literature and volunteer for Librivox audiobooks, Mai is deeply committed to the cause of spreading the passion for reading to other young readers. She enjoys books of all genres, and always keeps an open mind to new and adventurous ideas. In her free time, when she is not reading, Mai enjoys playing the piano, writing poems and swimming. She is enrolled in writing classes at John Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth, and her goal is to become a writer for Imagine, the program’s prestigious magazine.



HIEP NGUYEN, University of Massachusetts Amherst’20, The Macduffie School’16, Le Hong Phong highschool for the gifted ’14, is a slam poet who frequents the Coffee Houses of West Massachusetts. Needless to say, he is a fan of poetry and creative writing. Aside from these two passions, Hiep has gained wide recognition as the first Vietnamese Student Body President of The MacDuffie School,  Captain of MacDuffie’s Mock Trial team, Founder of Mustang Fitness and Chairman of UBSC 2016.


ESTELLE LUONG, The Rivers School ‘19, is a booklover and a pianist in her school orchestra. She studies music at The Rivers Conservatory in Weston, Massachusetts and is passionate about music history, theory, and composition. Her biggest accomplishment is being a five time consecutive performer (and counting) in Carnegie Hall. Along with music, other hobbies include being socially involved in the GSA club, being an active member in numerous book clubs, learning French, and more. As an avid reader, she believes reading enables the reader to open up an infinite number of dimensions of places and times that can be explored within the mind. She is a fan of poetry and enjoys books of all sorts. Her favorite books range from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince.




JOLIE NGUYEN, Miss Porter’s School ’21, ISHCMC AA ’16, is a fan of Road Dahl’s works. She enjoys playing badminton, drawing and going to art galleries. Her favorite books series is the Percy Jackson series, which she has been keeping up with since 6th grade. Jolie wants to learn to play the trumpet and join the orchestra at Porter’s.


KHANH PHAM, or Carolina Pham, Tran Dai Nghia highschool for the gifted’17 is an introvert and a bookaholic. Some of her favorite books include A little princess,The wonderful wizard of Oz and Great Expectations. She is also a fan of music and debating – she has successfully participated in the World Scholar’s Cup 2016 and International Vietnam Model UN 2016. This year, Khanh is majoring in English.


CUONG VU, Le Hong Phong highschool for the gifted’19, is a Fitzgerald enthusiast. He likes to read short modernist stories as well as older classics. Cuong also enjoys ruminating on philosophy and sociology, his idols being Sigmund Freud and Descartes. Additionally, Cuong is a Tumblr blogger. His dream is to become a successful educator and help others realize their own potentials.


NAM DO, a.k.a Hugo Vernes, Church Farm School’19, is a talented writer and debater. He is the editor of Creative Melange, a magazine for South Asian school students, and the youngest translator in Vietnam. Nam is also a member of theNational Junior Honor Society, and is the recipient of President Barack Obama’s Education Award. Some of his favorite authors include Jules Vernes, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Kate Chopin and Margaret Atwood.


HASSAN ASIF, Roots International Schools Wellington, Islamabad, describes himself as an athletic book lover who enjoys playing basketball. Hassan believes that one’s choice of book deeply reflects one’s personality. He is an active member of a local literary club called “Do you want to tell me your story?”. Some of Hassan’s achievements include the successful completion of Yale Young Global Scholars program, a challenging college-level summer course by Yale University. He likes to read detective novels, especially the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, as well as historical books.

12493472_1672186152998544_2259195275052371851_oAN BUI, Tran Dai Nghia highschool for the gifted ’17, is a dedicated reader who majors in English. In fact, she is the English valedictorian at her school! She is a fan of Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle. Some of her hobbies include camping and scouting. An wishes to become a doctor one day. That is why she is vehemently pursuing biological and anatomical studies. Understandably, she was chosen to become the chair of World Health Organization at International Vietnam Model UN, 2016.


RACHNA SHAH, Barrington High School ’17, describes herself as an academic writer who loves practicing martial arts, playing Baroque piano pieces, and scouring through books of all sorts. She is an editor at Polyphony H.S., a US literary magazine written, edited, and published by and for high school students, as well as an intern at HerCampus, where she writes on political and topical issues. Some of her accomplishments include graduating from the YYGS PLE program of 2016 and reaching a semifinalist status for the USABO. Some of her favorite authors include Anne Tyler, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ursula Le Guin, Ray Bradbury, and Neil Gaiman.

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PHU NGUYEN (Lorandformvn), describes himself as a rather timid introvert, but one who is always filled with eagerness when it comes to the art of literature. Although he is greatly interested in pre-1920s literature, Dan Brown and his compelling way of guiding the reader through an intricate story line will always be Phu’s favorite author. His hobbies include cycling, enjoying a great match of chess with foreigners and more. Furthermore, he wants to learn more about the universe, so it is understandable that figures like Neil de Grasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking have always been his idols.


TANISHA PANDE, UWCSEA, Singapore, adores the written word. Reading is one of her passions and she is an avid believer in the power of books as a tool to engage, transform and shape oneself into a person who is not only more aware of themselves but is also more understanding of the world around them. A dedicated writer as well, she loves philosophy, travelling, psychology, social activism and (of course) dogs. Some of her favourite authors include Sarah Waters, Neil Gaiman, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Amitav Ghosh and Kazuo Ishiguro.


KHANG TRAN, or Kyle Tran, Tran Dai Nghia highschool for the gifted’18 is the youngest writer of Little Bookies and a J. D. Salinger enthusiast. He is also a devoted reader of classic literature and political essays. His all-time favorite books include 1984 and Brave New World. In his free time, he enjoys playing chess, practicing table tennis and debating- He has successfully participated in the World Scholar’s Cup 2016 and International Vietnam Model UN 2016. Khang wishes to become a successful economist one day, fulfilling his dream of resolving social issues, evaluating public policy by having a deep understanding of economics.


MICHELLE NGUYEN, Le Hong Phong high school’19 has been in love with L.M.Montgomery’s work since the age of 9. Recently though, she discovered her passion for Gillian Flynn works and Rupi Kaur’s haunting feministic poems and other modern works. She has forayed into the realm of poetry-writing, and her favorite books include The Book Thief, The Kite Runner, Sharp Objects, milk and honey, The Time Quintet. Michelle cherishes an unexplainable fascination with clean glass windows, and adores bees and the warm sunlight. She also identifies as an ambivert, a gryffindoor to the core, and a lover of all things honey.


VALERIE WU, Presentation High School ’19, lives in San Jose, California. She is a Chinese-American writer and activist who enjoys reading classic British literature. Her work has previously been featured in The Huffington Post, Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution, and The Ellis Review, and has received a National Gold Medal in the 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Some of her favorite authors include Charlotte Bronte, George Orwell, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.


THINH, a.k.a Scott, Tran Dai Nghia highschool for the gifted’18 , describes himself as a reticent person who is exceedingly fanatical about reading modern literature and classical literature together. His favorite books are Harry Potter series, The Angel and The Devil as well as The Phantom of the Opera. He is fond of listening to music and finding information about U.S politics and the universe online. In the future, apart from being a Microsoft employee, he also wants to be a famous writer.


THAI BINH NGUYEN (aka BRADLEY NGUYEN), Brooke House College’ 19 majoring in Media Studies, Le Hong Phong Highschool for the Gifted’ 15, is a bookaholic who spends a large proportion of his leisure time wandering around libraries and bookshops in search of peace amongst the bustling life in Ho Chi Minh City. His bookshelf is mostly occupied with detective novels by Dan Brown and Jeffery Deavever, psychological materials as well as traveling books. Binh initially became an avid reader when he discovered George R.R. Martin, who was famous for the saying: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies”. In addition to reading, he also seeks happiness in music. To him, nothing is better than being emerged in a book and listening to some sweet track of instrumental music. Furthermore, he greatly enjoys travel photography. The passion for traveling catalyzed his pursuit of Media Studies, as he enjoys uncovering the diversity of cultures, traditions and cuisines around the world.

2 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. I am really proud of you guys and believe that our future is bright because of you. Remember, among millions of people, you are (rare, precious) gifted because they (god/budha…) have faith that you can spread the gifts all around with your good deed and meaningful acts. JUST LIKE THIS LITTLE BOOKIES. KEEP IT UP!


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