Join our Design Team!

Littlebookies’ designers work alongside our volunteer writers to design illustrations for our posts on Facebook and WordPress.

What do we expect from our designers?

  • We’re looking for designers who are passionate about literary works and want to make them more accessible to the general public. Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator,…)/AI/CSS experience appreciated.
  • Detailed job description can be found on the application form.

What will I gain from my experience?

  • Writers for Littlebookies will:

+ Be credited on our posts

+ Receive recommendations and certificates after 3 completed projects (books)

+ Become acquainted with designers and booklovers worldwide

+ Have the pleasure of knowing that, as of now,  you have helped 1130 people from 40 countries around the world understand classic literature FOR FREE.

How do I start?

  • It’s super easy! All you have to do is complete this online registration form before Feb 28th, 2017.

If you have any questions or want further clarification on anything, please COMMENT BELOW.

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